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Les activités de formation de Painbio sarl se retrouvent désormais sur un site dédié.
Visitez le nouveau site de l'école:

Painbio sarl
Thomas Teffri-Chambelland Teffri-Chambelland
Saint Martin
04200 Noyers sur Jabron
+33(0)7 88 36 47 85
Formation CAP boulanger
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Latest addition : 9 August 2011., is equally a site offering information and resources for anybody at all interested or implicated in the big bread making adventure. You will find:

  • Classified ads, where you can place or consult adverts wihout charge ( professional equipment, businesses or locales, job offers and job requests.)
  • Forum helps you get started making bread with leaven, but equally enables you to ask questions about equipment, professional retraining, or whatever you want to know.
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