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Painbio sarl
Thomas Teffri-Chambelland Teffri-Chambelland
Saint Martin
04200 Noyers sur Jabron
+33(0)7 88 36 47 85
Formation CAP boulanger
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Latest addition : 28 November 2010.

Welcome everyone to, website of the company Painbio, international expert in traditional French bakery.

Painbio – Expertise

Painbio proposes advice and expertise services: audit and consulting to professionals in the bakery field.

We are at your service for any queries regarding apprenticeship, the refinement and management of your breadmaking activities.

Painbio – Training

Painbio is a professional training centre for adults, both amateur and professional.

The totality of our training courses are included in the field of professional continuing education, and subsequently, are paid for by training funds within the framework of the DIF (droit individuel à la formation) or the CIF (congé individuel de formation) notably.

Painbio – Resources offers information and resources to all those who are at all interested or implicated in the adventure of bread making. Discover: business section, technical specifications and an amateur section Make your own organic bread, complete with forum.

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