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Painbio sarl
Thomas Teffri-Chambelland Teffri-Chambelland
Saint Martin
04200 Noyers sur Jabron
+33(0)7 88 36 47 85
Formation CAP boulanger
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Setting up and Development
Project elaboration and completion for setting up artisanal or industrial bakeries
Company auditing
Buying and selling
Staff training
Elaboration of product ranges


Free classified ads

Free classified ads

making your own organic bread with leaven: technical files and forum

Faire son pain bio au levain Forum


Training centre
CAP bakery diploma 100% success rate
Professional retraining for adults
Artisanal bakeries
Industrial bakeries
Training scheme - CIF - DIF

Becoming a baker


You are an adult looking to retrain, you want to start your own business, come and train in the bakery profession.
Benefit from our individualised accompaniment and our expertise in the world of traditional bread baking, in baking bread with natural leaven and in the organic domain.

CAP bakery diploma


Prepare the CAP bakery diploma in fifteen days.
Painbio offers a fast course in the baker's CAP.
Since 2006 the success rate is at 100%